ViaPisa28® reflects and enhances the quality and value of Italian made products. The entire production process is centred in Italy, from the design to the selection of the best quality, genuine Italian leathers and their tanning, from cutting to assembly, up to the exclusive packaging, equally made in Italy.

Everything starts with the selection of hides based upon quality, natural defects and size.
Each lot undergoes a strict quality control and only the top selection, complying with the master samples in terms of touch, thickness, softness, colour and embossing, will pass to the cutting, assembly and finishing.

Expert craftsmen execute every production phase by hand, from sewing to the precious colour finishing. A final and severe quality control grants a level of refinement which proudly positions ViaPisa28® among the most exclusive brands worldwide.

Besides the base collection, ViaPisa28®’s team is ready to welcome all possible requests for the production of made to measure products for specific needs. Creatives and designers will develop proposals; artisans will handcraft prototypes until the final approval for production. ViaPisa28®’s products allow the engraving of second brands, if needed in colour, and the choice of different colour and design combinations.